Northern Fox Canvases


Meghann Meadowcroft

As an artist, I am always looking to further develop my skills and techniques through opportunities, and exploration. I was born in Ontario and grew up in a small town on Lake Simcoe. I spent summers camping and grew to love being in the forest. I am inspired by the Yukon's scenic landscapes, specifically the northern trees, mountains and colourful night skies. My impression of my surroundings is shown through the blending thick applications of acrylic paints on my canvases. My preferred medium is acrylic, but I love learning and teaching and discovering different mediums. Quite the opposite from me, my mother is an oil painter, but far too slow and detail oriented. As an art teacher, I present my artistic style and experiences to the youth in my classroom, and community. I embrace the messy creativity that art allows for me and I love to share my passion. Visual arts helped guide and shape me, and I humbly believe it is my vocation.

My journey in art has been ironic and fundamental to my now career. Comedically, I was suspended from High school due to a misunderstanding between my art teacher and I, and here I am as a high school art teacher. It was actually my school librarian who bought my first painting and she said, “when you sell your first painting, you are officially an artist”. Well, I am still grateful to her and my art teacher, because I learned that not everyone wants to express themselves the same way as everyone else, (in my case, it was the creative use of colourful language), and that I wanted to impact young people in an inspiring way through art. I fell in love with art history in college and was hooked to impressionist artists, especially Van Gogh. My more official art career started two years after moving to the Yukon, I set up my easel and made a 2012 New Year’s resolution to paint one painting a week. It was a resolution I did well to keep and after posting on my personal Facebook page, friends and co-workers inquired about purchasing my art. Northern Fox was developed from that platform, and soon after became a vender in the local craft fair scene. I am truly grateful for all the people in my life who have purchased my works, especially from 2013-2017. I enrolled in the Yukon Native Teaching Education Program (YNTEP) as a full-time student to become a teacher. Between working at Air North in the Cargo Department, painting, and school I was able to pay off old student loans, pay for tuition and graduate debt free. I am a true believer in working hard! Since graduating I have been teaching art from grades 8-12 at the high school level among other subjects like English and Philosophy, ultimately a dream come true. I still am working for Air North most weekends and summers.

A big thanks, for I am forever grateful for friends, community members, local businesses teachers, co-workers, and family members who have helped me in all aspects through my life.

I am excited to focus on maturing as an artist and, "leveling up" so to speak. I look forward to where my journey leads me next.

Please visit and follow Northern Fox Canvases for the most current paintings, updates and craft show locations.

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